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Why do you need to write a memorable essay?

The perfect essay will also be a memorable essay, something that the reader will remember reading and may even refer back to in the future. But achieving a memorable essay is not easy as most of us really do not have the skills required to get the reader’s attention and keep it throughout our writing. But if we can write a memorable essay it will help us to get much higher grades within our subjects. The following are some simple tips as to how you can turn your essay into a memorable essay:

Get the attention of the reader

More often than not the most important line of your essay is the first. This is your hook just as it is for a newspaper or magazine article. If you can get the reader’s attention right from that opening line then you have a far greater chance of keeping their attention and making them want to read on. The following are some simple ideas as to what you can use for your opening lines:

  • Say something shocking that will make them want to read on to find out why.
  • Provide an interesting or eye opening fact that will get their attention.
  • Give them an interesting quotation so that they will want to see how it fits into your essay.
  • Provide an anecdote, either of your own or another that is in some way related to your essay.

Just remember however that your opening must be relevant to the essay and you should refer back to it within your conclusion at the end of the essay to show its relevance.

Maintaining interest through your memorable essay

An opening line does not make an interesting essay on its own. You have to follow through with a well thought out and well structured essay sample that flows perfectly. To achieve this you will need to ensure that you carefully outline your essay so that you have:

  • A clearly defined thesis as your introduction.
  • A main body that provides evidence that clearly supports your thesis.
  • A conclusion that states how your thesis has been proven and relates back to your opening

All of this needs to be written with flow. Which means that you need to ensure that you work very hard on your transitions between your different sections so that they flow logically and meaningfully together.

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