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Can looking at an essay sample help you to improve your grades?

Your future will often depend on you getting the very best possible grades through your different courses so you will want to ensure that you do everything that you can to get the best. This means ensuring that all of the essays that you are set within your classes and as assignments are written to the best possible standards. Often the very best way to learn is to look at what other people have written in the way of an essay sample.

How to use an essay sample to improve your writing

Never copy an essay example as this plagiarism and can easily get you kicked off your course or worse if you are caught doing it. An example essay is only good for providing you with ideas as to how you should format and write your own essay as well as to provide you with ideas and research around a subject area. A well written essay format can show you exactly how your essay should be written, however you need to look at any essay sample critically to see if what you are reading is actually up to scratch.

Essay sample to show you how to write an engaging essay

The following is an essay sample showing the introduction of a short essay about six sigma for a business course;

“Accepting 99.9% correct as a quality standard is not right for many industries and can lead to serious problems and other issues. Six sigma quality is a higher standard which accepts 3.4 errors per million opportunities. These quality levels are inadequate for some industries still and should not be tolerated. This essay will show why”

This sample while factually correct does not grab the attention of the reader, nor does it flow in any way. It does not inspire the reader to want to read on. The following is a far more engaging version of what has been written above:

“Would you get on an airplane to travel if you knew that a plane would crash every 1000 flights? What about getting in a taxi if you knew that the taxi driver could make a mistake every 1000 miles of driving? These are the quality levels that many businesses set and accept. Six Sigma however sets a much higher expectation with regards to what is an acceptable quality level but this still means that a pacemaker would miss a heart beat every three to four days? This essay will set out to show that quality levels of even six sigma levels are still not suitable for many industries and more must be done to improve management perception of acceptable quality.”

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