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Is writing a business essay easy?

Studying business in New Zealand is tough; it covers many different disciplines and has many areas that can be difficult to understand. Buy your business essay will need to be written perfectly if you are going to get the grades that you need. Both the content and the actual English used will need to be perfect if you are going to get the highest grades. To do this will often take a huge amount of time and a lot of hard work. The following tips will help you with writing your business memorable essay:

Tips for writing your business essay

Essay writing like anything else in life always goes smoother if you make preparation and plan what you are doing. Many writers avoid writing an outline as they think that it takes too long and will not help them. However it does not have to take a long time, nor does it need to be overly complicated. A well written outline need only be a few notes written against the structure of your essay to cover the main points and it will help you to write your essay without having to keep going back to make changes. The following is what you will normally need to cover:

  • The introduction to your business essay:
    • This needs a suitable hook to get the readers attention
    • State your thesis or essay purpose
    • Say what you are going to cover
  • Writing your main body:
    • For a standard 5 paragraph essay you will need 3 main body paragraphs. Obviously flex this depending on the size of essay you are required to write.
    • Each paragraph needs to be a single subject.
    • Outline the context, the actual point, and why it is relevant
    • Put the most important body paragraphs first and last
  • Your conclusions:
    • You should briefly summarize what you have covered
    • Restate your thesis and show proved
    • Refer back to your opening hook
    • Make any call to action or personal comment that is necessary

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