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Why is your essay format important?

Your grades are very much based around your essays and other assignments so you will want to ensure that they are completed to the highest of standards so that you get the highest possible grades. But achieving this is not going to be easy. Simple mistakes in how you write or in your essay format can hit your grades very hard indeed. So getting your essay format and content right is vital if you want to get the best possible grades at the end of your course.

What essay format should you use?

Most schools and colleges will specify how your essays and papers should be written and which particular formats you should use. Earlier in your academic career your formatting requirements may be as simple as clear 1” margins all around and a title cetred at the top of your page. However as things progress you will be expected to write in specific styles such as MLA or APA. The specific styles and formats that you are expected to follow however will always be dictated by the program that you are following. So if you are going to use an essay format template ensure that you choose one that is provided by your program or that specifically meets their requirements fully.

Outlining your essay

Your essay should be outlined in the specific structure that is expected of you before you start your actual writing. While many will just want to jump in and start to write, creating an outline can save you a huge amount of time and will help you to ensure that your essay is well structures and meets the requirements of your essay. An outline need not be complicated nor need it be time consuming. You only need to cover the following for most essays:

  • Your Introduction; define your opening hook to get the readers interest, explain your thesis and provide a little background, tell the reader how you will prove your thesis.
  • Your main body; each paragraph should support your thesis and should explain; its context to the discussion, the specific point being made, how it supports the thesis.
  • Your conclusion; this should summarize what you have discovered, show how it proves your thesis and restate it, allude back to your opening statement and make any personal comment or a call to action.

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